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Care and shaping of natural curly hair is sometimes a challenge, especially when we had treated hair so with a variety of cosmetic products for straightening and painting. Chemicals mousses and creams often damaged hair structure.What are the best ways to maintain perfect form of new growing hair for a truly impressive hairstyle? This question is particularly relevant for all who want gradually switch to a natural hair so, then long-term treatment with products for straightening.

One of the most efficient and safe methods for the straightening of the hair so is by treatment with high temperature, and in particular, with the use of modern hair straightener. Modern technology used in the straightener not only ensure long-lasting results, but also significantly contribute to strengthening and improving the overall texture of the hair from root to tip.
How often is recommend to use straightener on growing new hair in order to achieve optimal results and a smooth transition from processed hair to its natural state?

Professionals care for hair so advised to avoid daily use of the straightener, in order to reduce the negative effect of high temperature on the hair. This is particularly important for the treatment of the tops of the hair so where has been cultivated for a long time with different products for straightening to thin hair so healthy and destroy its texture. Another useful tip to shape the stylish and natural looking hair is to use the straighteneronly on the new growing hair, and not the purpose locks. This will prevent damage to the most vulnerable part of the hair so - namely, the tops of the hair. Prepare hair so by applying heat protective spray locks to treat the hair straightener. Be sure to dry well hair so with curling hair before handling the hair straightener. Set for release hair on medium heat and shape desired hairstyle as treat primarily growing new hair.The main advantages of forming a straightener hair compared to the use of cosmetic products for straightening are: For Related Info about

Hair straightener provides you with less risk of damage to the hair so when used correctly. Another benefit is the temporary effect of hair styled with the press - you can always remove the effect of straightening of hair so with shampoo. Now is the time to clarify that these benefits only apply if the hair straightenerabout hair is not use excessively. In too frequent use in some cases hair so lost, their natural curls for a long time.
Proper use of the press for the hair will provide you with time and perfect hairstyle healthy hair for a long time. Putting it on the hair so through high temperature is the most natural way of straightening. Part of caring for hair goal consists in selecting the right press, suitable for natural hair.

Consult with specialists and consultants for the perfect hair straightener for your hair. Some of the features that can help in the selection are:
•    Always choose presses with high temperature capabilities and precision thermostats
•    Ceramic presses are the most friendly type presses
•    Select the model straightener, which you are most comfortable to grip and work with light and ergonomic housing



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